Camp Day 2

OK, we're still in recovery mode, but here comes the volume! this morning it was a quick breakfast then onto the bike and out the door to meet up at the Lifesport office for an hour run. OK, again, that sounds easy, but ive only been ther 2 days, and yes, i got lost. the bad part was that i went down a hill that i had to climb back up....and in victiria, the hills are more than the mere speed bumps we have in Louisiana! I was so mad for taking the wrong turn - but i eventually found my way...and i was late again! AGH! 2 days in a row, LATE! I hate that!!! then I heard Coach Paul wasn't there yet, so I got away with it...

there was a huge group of us on the run- all speeds, but mostly fast! To name a few....there was Lisa Mensink (going to the Olympics (GO GIRL!)), Bree Wee (just came off 2nd at IM JAPAN!), Eileen Swanson, Katia Meyer (5th IM France), Terry Orlick, Coach Paul, Coach Dan, Jenny Fletcher (supermodel tri babe)..

I was surprised how good i was feeling since I usually feel so trashed after a race, but i think having the group around made it so much more fun that usual that i paid no attention the the legs!

After the run, we had time for a quick lunch then out for a 2:30 ride- nice and easy, just the way i like it! of course, the hills make it hurt a bit, but it was an awesome ride around victoria - and where i was I had no idea?! the goal for the day - don't get lost! oh, and have fun. it was fun.

After another quick meal on the go - it was time for my first open water swim with the group. I was so looking forward to these swims because the water is too hot at home to do a wetsuit swim, and the only experience i get seems to be in races when my mind gets the better of me and i think keeps me from reaching my potential in the swim (that's where Terry Orlick comes in!!). Yeah, I did somein Colorado - but i was always alone, and i need to be on to of people more.

so - whoa - again, like in the pool, i was left in their wake. Coach Paul [by the way, My Coach, Alister, Is in Scotland, so he was unable to attend Camp - so I was taken under Coach Paul's wing for the camp...and MUCH APPRECIATED!] said I had a good strong stroke, but needed more tempo - basically if i can speed up my arms, then i could pick up speed...hmmm...made sense. something to work on.

firs big day done - time for dinner and bed...

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