Just Another Day

....at camp...who knew at 37 that I would have such fun at Camp? My homestay is awesome, their friends are cool and everyone at camp is way cool and fun to be around. I am just so excited to be training alonside these girls - well rounded and well grounded.

OH....have i mentioned how cold it is here in Victoria? I am freekin' freezin all the time! Every morning, i wear sweats - and a jacket on the ride to any workouts before noon! and I don't think my Homestay even has an air conditioner in the house! that's insane....ok, it's no THAT cold, but for steemy little me, it's a bit chilly - i'll bet the energy bills are a lot lower!!

this morning - guess what - WE SWIM AGAIN!

this one would be a tough swim - 5k with the main set 3.2k. long, grueling, but getting the yards....um meters (we're in Canada - - it's all meters and Kilo's!)

after swim, we grabbed some breakfast real quick (yet another theme of the camp - eating on the fly) then met at the office for a meeting on race strategies. - It was the pep talk of pep talks - keeping it all in perspective and how to set yourself up for success. you have to give it everything to get everything...

not long after our meeting, it was off to run intervals in the afternoon. My jaw hit rock bottom when i heard the set....8 long intervals...ouch! but it is what it is....just do it. I was off to a good start, trying to keep the faster runners in sight aroung the bends, but it wasn't soon before the tummy acted up and took control. in the end, i made it through 6 of them - still a pretty good day, and considdering the tummy, im glad to have gotten out of it what i did!

after the run, we headed over to the ocean to ice our legs....and boy that water was iiiccccyyyy! brrrrrrr. but it felt good on the legs!
now it's off to shower then dinner at Coach Paul's Mom and Dad's house. Papa Bruce as he is called went out the day before and caught a HUGE salmon that they so generously prepared for all of us for dinner tonight. it was SO YUMMY! and to top it off - good wine and ice cream and cookies for desert! Uummm.....I like this camp thing!

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