My last weekend at Lifesport Camp

Ok ...today we were in for doozie. we met later than usual (9am) for our run then it would be straight on the bikes for a five hour ride around the island. Again, not real sure where we went, but it was sure pretty. I was feeling pretty good until the last hour when Coach Dan took us up some long a** climb that I thought for sure was ending at least three times before it finally did. you know - those climbs that go on forever, and you're relieved when you think you're coming up on a flat part - or even a downhill only to realize it's still a hill, just not as steep?? ha! yeah, that was how it was.....and then it was downhill time and POOF! the group was gone (all 4 of them). I apparently need some more skill on the decents! The last hour of the ride was tough for me especially since my longest ride this year was 4 hours and that was by mistake -usually I go around 31/2 - so I was just cruzin in my zone - alone - for that last hour sucking on GU's hoping someone would wait for me at a turn since I had no idea where I was!! of course, Dan and Bree were up ahead waiting up for me (THANKS for that!) and helped me find my way back to the office where we called it a day and i packed up the bike in Coach Dan's car and hitched a ride home to eat real food!

As soon as I arrived, I dropped the bike on the lawn, walked in the house to the back yard where the neighbors were gathering and there was an ice cold Corona with a lime waiting for me (Thanks Doug and Cathy - y'all are the best) and steaks on the grill. What an AWESOME way to top off the day - and what a day! I was so hungry, and ready for some R&R and the Noel's served it up. I can't say enough. Bed wasn't too far off after dinner...

then it was up and at 'em for the 2 hour run. Sunday was my last Day in Victoria as I had to catch the ferry tonite and stay over in Vancouver to catch my plane in the morning. We all met up at the office for the run which was nice and easy and long on the trail around Elk Lake. I wass urprised at how good I felt - at least until the last 20 minutes when I was noticibly getting tired. I made it back to the office (I was the caboose again!) then we were off again to ice our legs in the cold ocean waters for the last time.

As soon as we were done, I had to get home to pack my bike and my suitcase before going to one last swim in Elk Lake at 2pm. We did an easy 2k then I had to say my goodbye's and I headed out.

I was sad to go because it was such a great experience to meet everyone at Lifesport and get to train alongside some of their finest athletes - some of THE finest athletes in this sport. The entire week was such fun and a learning experience on so many levels. I got to tune out every day life and tune in to what I love to do - triathlon. training. racing. preparing. I got to learn from the finest coaches, from acomplished athletes, from Terry Orlick, and from myself. It was a great week!

Now it's time to go home....

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