I wanted to send a BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone for such a great time in
Vancouver and Victoria, B.C.!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first came on with Lifesport earlier this year and certainly never thought I would have that much fun at "camp" as an adult! So here goes a quick thanks to everyone who made my 11 days in Canada so awesome -


to Coach Paul....for taking me under his wing,letting mepick his brain, and giving me my new tempo trainer!!!

to Shantel.....for setting me up with homestays, for being so patient, and for always answering the phone so sweetly!

To Coach Dan...aka "Captain Downhill"..... for taking us on all those awesome rides and not leaving me for the wolves...or bears.

to Terry Orlick....for your sound advice and for listening to my perspective.....and for making me feel like I've got it all together, when we all really know I don't

To Lisa M.....for making me feel pretty good about myself when I can keep up with her sometimes. now I get to say i trained with an olympian!!

To Eileen S...for keepin' her germs to herself and showing us how to hang tough. Hope you're feeling better!

To Bree...for lettingme swimon your feet...and for making me laugh! your passion is your fuel .....oh, and for making me realize I need to keep my blog up to date!

to Sam Mazer - for breathing down my neck on the runs and keeping me moving!

to the Regensburg's...for welcoming all of us into your beautiful home and for preparing that awesome salmon dinner.

to John B....for putting on such a great race and keeping the conversation alive on the runs...and for always having the coffee ready!

to Katya Meyer....the comeback kid...for showing us all that just because your down, that doesn't mean you're out! You've just made it out of the "swim" of your pro career - and now it's your turn to kick some butt!
to Janet....for having such a great laugh! I can still hear it!

to Mark Shorter.....for putting me up (or putting up with me!) for the race and giving me the best directions for getting around Vancouver in the traffic...and making me realize i need to run more stairs at home!

to Doug and Cathy Noel....for the great food and drink - making me feel so at home during camp. No one could have set me up better!

to the NOEL girls - Robyn especially....for giving up her room to me for the week

and, of course, I can't forget Mike Flynn....it it wasn't for your generosity, I would not have been able to go to Canada at all. YOU made this experience possible!

I am truly blessed!


Tri-ing Fat Man said...


I am so proud of you!!!!

Amanda and i just returned from our one month vacation!

This last week we rode our bikes across the state of Iowa in 7 days. SHE DID GREAT!

Miss you hope to see you soon!


BreeWee said...

To Caroline: Thank you for being so much fun and making everything worth laughing at... and for letting us try on your aero helmet...ps, don't tell, but I finally got one! shhhhhh....

Eileen Swanson said...

so great meeting you....you are so much fun! sorry i got sick and scared you. HA! thanks for the advice, big sis ;-)