LIfesport Training Camp


this was my first PRO Training camp, so I had no idea what to expext. Last night after the race we all got on the ferry to take the 90 minute rideover to Victoria where we will all be meeting our homestay's and getting settled in. The ferry ride was beautiful through all the islands along the west coast of Vancouver and we even had a visit from some Orca whales swimming around us. Since we were all starving...well, most of us (i hit the gelato at the ferry terminal- what i really wanted was my post-race brew, but I couldn't seem to find any place that served beer!) we all sat down to the buffet dinner served on board (there are no ferries like this at home - the longest would be the mississippi river ferry which lasts just long enough to eat your sandwich). Everyone was so great - it was nice to finally let loose and have some fun and get to talk...and the food was suprisingly good too. Before we knew it, we were on the island headed down to Victoria to meet our homestay's and finally get some sleep. when I got to the Noel's home, I was able to sit down with them and chill out for a bit while they ate after coming in from a run. Turns out Cathy is a big-wig with the Royal Victoria Marathon every October, so running is big to the both of them....and so is kickin'back with an ice cold beer! I was gonna like my stay here!!!!

Monday morning - we got to sleep in (yeah!) then it was off to the pool for a recovery swim. no problem, right? maybe not. everything seems so close to everything in Victiria, but it's not. I mean, if i draw a straight line, it's close, but if you follow the roads, it seems twice as far! Since my bike was at the office, I would be walking to the pool this morning only to realize what I thought would take me 20 minutes took me about 35...so I was late. Not a good first impression on the coaches, but i was there nonetheless, and it was a recovery day anyway. I'm pretty sure I was more pissed off about being late than they were!!!

I hopped in the pool in a lane that i thought would suit me to find that I felt merely like an average swimmer who had a long way to go! Geez, these guys were somkin'! Maybe i was in over my head - or maybe I've just been getting complacent in my swimming habits at home. I always swim (in a pool) alone. why? no one else keeps my schedule and the masters practices around mandeville aren't what I need. so at home it's just me, and occasionally someone I'm training - but they're always slower! The swimming in Victoria is going to be tough - but it's good for me. At first I was a little taken back by the speed of Lisa and Eileen, and Bree - but then I embraced it - I get to train with these girls, and I will be the better for it! so i tried to hang on the best i could...and as it turned out, I wasn't too shabby!

After swim, we had a little time to get a bite to eat so Coach Dan brought us to a local Bagel Shop where we ate Lox and bagels until it was time for our session with Terry Orlick. Terry is a great motivator and a top sports psychologist with some awesome advice of hor to fulfill your aspirations, maximize performance, and reach your goals - check out his book IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. i'm in the process of reading it right now!

After the meeting, I was able to get my bike and suitcase and it was back home to get settled in and eat. I was staying at Doug and Cathy Noel's home while their 2 girls were at the family cabin somewhere up north waterskiing(this made me chuckle, since I was already "up north" to begin with, but i guess there was more room to go up there!). it was dinner - then to bed. oh, and i think i stuck another beer in there too!

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