To Lubbock

woke up early this morning for my drive to Lubbock. I figure it would be about a 10 hour drive, with a time change, so if i left at 5am i would be there by 4 - with enought time to go to the race site for a swim and a bike ride. When I got into the park, I hopped out of the car - and boy it was hot. dry, but hot. for some reason, without thinking, I put the wetsuit on to go for my swim - only to sweat my you know what off after 2oo meters of my swim. there was no way this would be a wetsuit swim on saturday, i thought. i gutted out the swim, tore the wetsuit off then climbed in my car to get out of the canyon for my bike ride. I rode for about an hour along a flat part out-and back part of the course and it was as windy as i remembered it as being a few years back. nothing new...hot, dry, and windy...
After my workout, I was off to meet my Homestay- Mike and Suzie Hyman. They were an awesome pair, very light hearted and sweet as can be - with two of the cutest dogs ever - all bark and no bite!!! The dogs were a hoot! I couldn't figure out how to get them to stop barking at me at first, but once i got my hands on the dog bones, it was all over. i think they have learned that if they just bark and bark, they'll eventually get a bone, so that's just what they do! If I were them, I'd probably do the same thing!

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Jennifer Cunnane said...

How are you doing? Hope all is well - great job racing in Lubbock! Are you planning on doing the 70.3 race in New Orleans next april?