Last Days in Fort Collins

Day 13, 14

my last 2 days here. I am going to miss the Casey and the Bucky more than anything (no offense theresa and salty)!! no, just kidding, I'll miss it all! I have spent the last few days doing open water swims to get used to the wetsuit and just doing some light stuff to keep loose as much as possible. plus, i treated myself to a long massage (thanks gary!) to workout the kinks of training in the hills for the last 2 weeks. I have begun to pack up and get my wheels ready for the race and of course have come up with some issues that needed to be fixed right away - one of them was finding some good extenders for my tufo clinchers (my favorite tires in the whole world) to fit the Zipp 808's. the tufo's have a different set up than most other tires and you really need the special extenders, and i didnt have any and to get them at a shop back home was pretty much impossible. I usually order them from tufo.com and get them myself, but when i saw the ones that came with the zipps i figured they were the good ones i liked.....but they weren't. BUT no fear, in Colorado, everyone rides a bike and sure enough, there was a shop here that actually had them! go figure! so i got that all figured out....along with some other stuff, but that's another story....

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