same ol' same ol'....just in Fort Collins

Day 10, 11

I've gotten into a pretty good routine up here. since i'm not teaching or coaching, and the heat isnt an issue for training mid-day, i dont have to get up so early to get it all in! On saturday, I i did the usual brick except this time i opted for flatter land and on sunday, i did my long run, with both days having an afternoon swim.

ever since i had all that trouble earlier on in the season, my longer runs are not exactly as long as they should be. I figured this would be my weakest part of the upcoming race - but what's new, right? my run is the thorn in my side. oh, um, i mean "my growth area"!!!

so the weekend was uneventful, just hours training and looking forward to the lighter week and the trip to Lubbock for Buffalo Springs 70.3...

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